Tiffany Dlesk Spay-Neuter Clinic

Currently Under Construction, keep looking for more changes

We are a specialized spay-neuter clinic and yearly vaccinations are available.

We are a specialized clinic to help people with their pets spay and neuter surgeries. We have programs to help out the low income members of our community get the spay and neuter surgeries they need in order for thier pets to lead healthy and worry free lives.
We can do yearly vaccinations and nail trims for a low cost, alleviating that worry as well.

We have a feral cat program available to members of our comunity to help with the populations.

To qualify for this program you need to catch a feral cat in a cat trap.

You then will bring your cat in to us for the sterilization surgery.

You pick up the cat and release it back where you found it.

The cost of this is $50. We will perform the surgery, give it a rabies vaccination and cut the tip of the left ear off so other people in the community can see from a distance that the cat has already had its surgery and no longer needs trapped for that.